Dave Hatt
Cindy Hatt
Since its inception, The WetCleaner Inc. has been dedicated to building a triple bottom line business. We take pride in our commitment to our team members, our customers and the planet. If we do our job well, we have the priviledge of supporting all three.  


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The Dry Cleaning Industry

Dry Cleaning has a dirty little secret (actually 3):


  1. It can give you cancer.

  2. It will lower your property value.

  3. You get other peoples body fluids on your clothes for no extra charge.


1. The chemical 'Perc' (perchloroethylene) used by the vast majority of dry cleaners is a likely human carcinogen. It causes liver and kidney damage, eye and skin irritation and it also impacts reproductive systems and does damage to fetal development. The chemical builds up in customer's clothing and has a major impact on the employees and operators of traditional dry cleaning businesses.


2. The damage done by negligent Perc operators has been well documented. In the tiny city of Victoria, BC, Canada one operator is single handedly responsible for polluting the ground around the 2 plants he owned. Perc follows underground water paths and has been found in an area the size of a football field, causing property values of commercial development and homes in the area to plummet.


3. Perc is reused repeatedly to chemically dry clean your clothes… week after week, month after month. This means that other people's body odour, body fluids, kitten urine, etc. gets mixed together to form a toxic soup of nastiness you’re your clothes are “cleaned” in!


The WetCleaner Inc.™ is a chemical free cleaning process that uses fresh water and all natural detergents to clean anything one would take to the dry cleaner. Wool, Silk, Cashmere, Mohair, Cotton, Aramani, Canali, Prada, BCBG – you name it, we do it and we do it very well.

Dave’s vision for The WetCleaner Inc.™ was forged over a decade ago when he single handedly started a dry cleaning valet service for the professionals of Victoria, BC. For the past 8 years, along with his business and life partner Cindy they have operated WetCleaner as Victoria’s only non-toxic dry cleaner winning “Best Dry Cleaner in the City” accolades.

Cindy is responsible for all day-to-day operations including helping develop the proprietary systems; unique to The WetCleaner Inc.™. Her technical experience in handling particularly difficult items such as vintage gowns and hand bags make her uniquely qualified to hire and train operations staff. She is in charge of WetCleaner’s brand identity from the customer experience at the service desk to the look of the logo and our future marketing efforts.


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